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Wednesday, June 29, 2016
South Pacific Retirement - Retirement in the South Pacific (SOUTHPACIFICRETIREMENT.COM) - Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Islands, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Samoa, New Caledonia.

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South Pacific Employment - Jobs in the South Pacific (SOUTHPACIFICEMPLOYMENT.COM) - Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Islands, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Samoa, New Caledonia.


Relocating to the South Pacific is many people's dream. However, it is wise to investigate all manner of things if you plan to really do it, as some aspects of living in a remote and foreign country are very different from 'back home' ! The more knowledge gained before taking that 'leap into the unknown' the more likely that the dream will turn into the reality you are hoping for.

This website, along with our partner sites, are designed to provide as much information as possible about the South Pacific. With the Internet becoming more widely utilised by businesses and government departments in the hitherto remote South Pacific island nations, there is now much easier access to information from afar. Nothing beats visiting the country to investigate options, of course, but such visits can be more purposeful if you have already acquired information, contacts, and so on. Local buses!

In addition to a wide variety of links, real estate properties, employment information, etc, another very useful source of information is from those who have already relocated! Consult the Experts is a section of that we hope to see expand over time.

We invite anyone who has 'travelled the path' to contribute in the form of helpful constructive advice. Where challenged with problems, tell us how you overcame such challenges. Contributions should be concise, helpful, and no doubt many will not be without humour!

Subject matter can be anything at all that you think would be useful to others who, like you, wish to turn those dreams into reality ... climate, grocery shopping, cyclones, driving, snail mail, internet, island time, television, and travel. Funny or Frustrating! Horrifying or Happy!

Register your interest in this programme today and we shall contact you soon with more details.

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