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Friday, July 1, 2016
South Pacific Retirement - Retirement in the South Pacific (SOUTHPACIFICRETIREMENT.COM) - Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Islands, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Samoa, New Caledonia.

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SHOPPING will be bringing more and more shopping options within the South Pacific - handicrafts, furniture, coconut soaps, clothing, and home items.

Cultivated from the pristine waters of the Fiji Islands comes the nutrient rich seaweed that is the principle ingredient in Mokosoi's award-winning 'Natural Coconut Seaweed "Loofah" Soap.' Combined with a pure coconut base and the luxurious addition of aloe vera and tea tree oil to create a soap with unique properties, free of animal products. It exfoliates as it deeply cleanses the skin and stimulates the circulation.
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Pacific Green is the brainchild of Australian designer, Bruce Dowse. Bruce saw the devastation to our fragile environment caused by logging, and introduced his 'timber substitution theory' of palm technology. His objective ... save the indigenous forest by using PALMWOOD.
Beautiful furniture - lounges, accessories & architectural products.

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Pacific Green
CCGOLD - ONLINE SHOPPING is an Internet-based shopping mall providing 24 hr a day access to some of the best shopping available on the Internet. Our partners offer secure purchasing and ship most items anywhere in the world.
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